Why Choose Dr. Randall

Randall Vein & Leg specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition known as Venous Reflux utilizing the latest innovative techniques and technologies to provide patients truly amazing results. Venous Reflux negatively impacts the quality of life of more than 75 million Americans. In fact, approximately 25% of adult women and 15% of adult men suffer from this vein condition. Randall Vein & Leg offers a free 15 minute ultrasound screening to clinically diagnose the condition known as Venous Reflux.

Be it a medical necessity or simply cosmetic, Dr. Randall tailors a plan for each patient in the safety and comfort of his office. The staff at Randall Vein & Leg understands the unique problems facing vein patients, and they are dedicated to helping patients achieve their goals. This ranges from cosmetic treatment of unsightly veins to medical treatment of symptomatic venous insufficiency. In a comfortable environment, patients can expect a thorough medical evaluation of their vein or cosmetic concerns.

Dr. Randall evaluates every patient to determine an individualized plan according to the patient’s needs and objectives.


We've Moved!
To better serve our patients, the Offices of Dr. Steve Randall have relocated.

Please make a note of the new address:

5104 South Sooner Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73135
Office: 405-438-0913
Tel: 405-438-0913 Fax: 405-438-0958