Sclerotherapy treatment is a highly utilized technique for the treatment of deeper veins which can not be reached via laser treatment and is usually covered by most insurances. Sclerotherapy is not necessary or required in all patient cases. The Randall Vein & Leg staff will be able to determine the need, if any, of sclerotherapy upon completion of the venous mapping examination.

Randall Vein & Leg utilizes ultrasound guided technology to visualize both the deep veins and the smaller spider veins, sometimes not visible to the naked eye, and then injects the veins with a medical solution that collapses the veins in less than a minute. Similar to the endovenous laser treatment of larger veins, sclerotherapy essentially eliminates the effected veins exhibiting this condition, to smaller veins to reroute the blood flow to healthy leg veins.

Sometimes, sclerotherapy is requested for the cosmetic benefits of removing unsightly spider veins from the legs. If sclerotherapy is determined to be cosmetic in nature, your insurance provider will not cover the cost of the treatment; however, Randall Vein & Leg will clearly state which treatments are covered by insurance and what treatments are strictly cosmetic, working with you to find a solution. This is yet another reason why choosing Randall Vein & Leg to customize a vein treatment plan for your individual vein condition is of utmost importance.